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Botulinum Toxin
Dr Mauricio pineda
botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin application is an extremely popular procedure throughout the world, since it is an in-office procedure, it does not need special rest time and care, and has minimal risks. Also, it must be said that despite our medical advances, we have not yet been able to develop procedures or surgeries that achieve exactly the same thing as botulinum toxin. In other words, with Botox we can greatly improve wrinkles on the forehead, crow’s feet, and between the eyebrows, areas in which we cannot have optimal results with surgeries.


Botox seeks to paralyze certain muscle areas of the face, which are producing dynamic wrinkles, that is, wrinkles that are formed with facial expression movements. And although we do not seek to eliminate the expression of the face, there are huge improvements in the deepness and smoothness of facial lines. On the other hand, there is a worldwide tendency to use substances or fillers that produce good results but are temporary.

Whenever you think about procedures of this type, please make sure that you go to a specialist who has experience. Although this seems like a simple procedure, it is not, and must be done by expert doctors.


Schedule your appointment for botox application in the cities of Manizales and Medellín, it will be a pleasure to serve you!

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