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Breast Augmentation
Dr Mauricio pineda

Breast augmentation

When you feel that your breasts are very small and they can affect your self-esteem because you do not find the appropriate swimming suit or you just simply feel that your clothes do not fit, this is the perfect procedure to be done. The augmentation mammoplasty with implants is one of the most successful and frequently done procedures with low-level risks. You can get outstanding results when you trust your body to high-qualified expert plastic surgeons.  Not only models and queens can enjoy with such a fantastic change in their figure.

Augmentation Mammoplasty with prostheses is a surgery that aims at giving more volume to breasts by placing Silicone Gel Breast Implants with a high technology. This procedure is highly accepted by health authorities all over the world.  Implants are placed whether on the areola, the inframammary crest or armpits. The most commonly used techniques, with best results, are the first two because the scars are less noticeable and they have a great quality.  They can be placed either above or below the muscle.  These two procedures are very correct, however, the submuscular position has been the most recommended because of the long-lasting results and less possibility of complication. The surgery, in general terms, neither affects the breastfeeding nor the sensitiveness, although in some occasions there is a transitory diminishing of it. In addition, we have a great variety of prostheses that allow a good management in different medical situations as asymmetry correction.

Although we cannot state that there are not risks associated to surgeries, we can say that this procedure has low-level risks. As any other surgery, patients can have hematomas that require drainage, infections, asymmetries or scar widening.  These risks are not so very frequent if the procedure is undergone in certified medical facilities with a group of high-qualified expert plastic surgeons.  Areola and nipple sensitiveness are only diminished in rare cases.  Breastfeeding is almost never affected. Finally, some accumulations of liquid or milk can be seen occasionally around the prostheses what requires a medical management with outstanding results.  The total scars are almost unnoticeable and completely concealed.

The cares are very simple and consist of taking the medications diligently and wearing a support bra for about 10 to 15 days.  Massages are very important to be done by the patients in the long term.  These massages should always be done.  This is a very painful procedure and requires a good analgesia.  Patients can return to their daily activities within five to seven days after the surgery.  Do not forget to attend the programmed medical controls.

This is a procedure that is undergone in many women along with other surgeries, that is to say, it can be performed with surgeries such as abdominoplasty, liposculpture or facial surgeries to obtain integral and notorious changes.  Besides, it is a commonly procedure done in models and queens.

My general advice is to seek specialist surgeons who belong to the Colombian Society of Plastic surgery, as well as recognized and certified medical facilities.  I have witnessed terrible cases in which women have been deceived not only in Colombia, but also in other countries as Spain. Follow the medical staff’s recommendations and express your concerns in case of anomalies. Pain is not usually a cause for alarm.  It is highlighted to take care of scars by using sunblock and massage.   Do not use, under any circumstances, creams that have not been prescribed by the doctor.


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