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Dark Circles Surgery
Dr Mauricio pineda
dark circles surgery
What are dark circles, what components do they have?

When people arrive at the specialist’s office, they often state that they “would like a treatment for dark circles under the eyes.” However, this desire must be very carefully evaluated and analyzed.

It is extremely important to say that dark circles can have different causes, or better, it can be the subjective observation of the patients themselves. In some cases, it is darker pigmentation of the skin around the eyes, in others “hollows” or depressions in the lower eyelid areas, and in others excess skin and/or eyelid fat bags.

how should dark circles be evaluated?

Thus, a careful discussion with the patient and a careful history and medical examination should be carried out. The plastic surgeon could clearly describe in each case which component or components generate discomfort in each patient,

Accordingly, correct therapeutic decisions will be made. For example, if it is flaccid skin and fat bags, the best option would be to carry out a blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. In this, some parts of the fat bags are removed or transposed and skin is removed to the millimeter. If, on the other hand, the main component is sagging or depressions that generate furrows towards the lower eyelid area, the indicated treatment may be the application of fat or fat transfer or the application of fillers such as hyaluronic acid.

In some cases, when people talk about dark circles, the main component is excessive dark pigmentation around the eyes. It is perhaps the most complex situation, since in reality there are no medical or surgical treatments that have shown a significant positive effect and improvement.


always remember to protect yourself

In any case, a friendly discussion between the specialist and his patient is the key to starting an appropriate path that seeks to achieve the best possible results. It is important to remember that risks should not be taken by attending non-medical places or places with little recognition and in which very poor results or even true catastrophes for health and aesthetics are found.


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