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Forehead lift
Dr Mauricio pineda

Currently there are various surgical procedures focused on facial rejuvenation, one of these is frontoplasty or also known as forehead lift, which aims to improve the appearance and restore the frontal area of patients. With it you can correct drooping eyebrows and change the expression in people who look sad, tired or even grumpy.

Forehead surgery is one of the surgical techniques for facial rejuvenation, which deals with the forehead and eyebrows, in people with expression lines marked in these areas, lowering of the lateral parts of the eyebrows, etc.

Frontoplasty is the procedure that allows to improve and restore the frontal area of the face, giving it back a youthful and fresh appearance.

The procedure corrects the lines of expression that appear on the forehead over time, and also raises drooping eyebrows that make a tired expression.‌

There are currently two techniques for performing the procedure. In the conventional technique, incisions are made that are hidden behind the hairline, while in the endoscopic technique these incisions are shorter. Both offer similar results.

Patients who undergo the procedure are generally between the ages of 40 and 60 to minimize the effects of aging, although all people who have developed expression lines can do it.

The procedure is ideal to carry out in previously healthy people. Smoking makes surgery difficult, and although it does not prevent it, it must be performed with much greater care or changing surgical techniques in order to ensure adequate irrigation of the skin. Smoking should always be stopped at least 15 days before surgery. You should not be taking aspirin or other medications that affect coagulation.

To improve the results, exfoliants and moisturizers or facial cleansing serve as good previous preparation, but it can also be accompanied by adjuvant therapies such as PHOTOREJUVENATION laser after surgery.

This procedure, like other face plastic surgeries, carries very low risks. Eventually there may be blood accumulations (hematomas), infections, dehiscence (opening) of wounds, changes in the mobility of the forehead, asymmetries, etc. It should be noted that in addition to their very low frequency, when they occur they are relatively easy to manage and in cases such as mobility disorders they tend to resolve over time.

Patients should avoid smoking a few days before the procedure, and should also refrain from consuming anti-inflammatory drugs before surgery. In addition, it must be ensured that previous chronic diseases that may arise are adequately controlled. After surgery, it is necessary to follow recommendations such as rest and ice application for about 2 days, take medications and attend scheduled check-ups.

Patients generally have minimal physical discomfort and can return to work after 5-7 days.

Oftentimes, this procedure is performed with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as facelift, blepharoplasty, and cervicoplasty for more noticeable results. In addition, plastic surgeries of the body can be combined without major implications.


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