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Laser Liposuction
Dr Mauricio pineda

Laser liposculpture or liposuction is a modern form of liposculpture that uses lasers to remove fat from specific areas of the body, this technique is performed through a series of very small incisions and the insertion of a thin tube with a laser to melt the adipose tissue. The laser can also cause surrounding tissue to contract which aids the shape of the body. Although it could be considered a good technology, it has generated more difficulties and complications than benefits. It is for this reason that other technologies such as VASER, J plasma, or radio frequencies such as Retraction, have become more popular and been used more frequently.

Laser liposculpture is a safe and effective way to remove localized fat. This technique also minimizes the amount of recovery time. Studies have shown that laser liposculpture is up to 50% more effective than traditional liposuction for the removal of localized fat, although the results are long-term, patients can see a significant improvement in the shape and contour of the body right after the treatment with laser liposculpture.


Laser liposculpture is a safe technique when performed by a qualified professional, however there are some risks associated with this procedure, which include infection, bleeding, tissue injury, bruising, pain, swelling, and loss of sensation. It is important to emphasize that the laser can damage surrounding tissues if not used properly. For this reason, it is important to choose a qualified surgeon to perform this procedure.

Vaser liposculpture and laser liposculpture are both body contouring procedures used to remove localized fat. The main difference between the two is that Vaser liposculpture uses ultrasound energy to melt fat before it is removed, while laser liposculpture uses laser energy to break down fat before it is removed. Vaser liposculpture is considered less invasive and generally requires less time to recover, while laser liposculpture can be more invasive and requires a longer recovery period.

Even today, the main tool to help people improve their body contour and obtain the best possible results with the minimum risk of complications depends on an experienced medical and surgical team; qualified to perform and utilize surging technologies that support their work. In the case of liposuction or liposculpture specifically, some of these technologies are VASER, radiofrequency such as Retraction and plasma such as J-plasma.


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