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Brow Lift
Dr Mauricio pineda
What is it ?

The eyebrow lift has gained unprecedented strength worldwide. It generally seeks to put the most lateral parts of the eyebrows in higher positions and give a more youthful and sophisticated appearance. In fact, more and more people in the sector are dedicated only to this part of the body anatomy, which is an essential part of harmony and aesthetics around the eyes.

When we make a comprehensive evaluation of this sector, we find that topics such as advanced hair removal, pigmentation and micropigmentation, application of fillers or fillers such as hyaluronic acid and brow lift surgeries are included. 


Regarding the treatments offered by the area of facial plastic surgery, there are different types of procedures such as endoscopic frontoplasty, frontoplasty with temporal incisions, use of tissue suspension materials, and in addition, there are direct cutting techniques right on the upper edge of the eyebrows.

The choice of techniques is completely individualized, and extremely important elements are taken into account such as gender (male or female), race and skin color, the quality of healing, the degree of eyebrow descent, the shape of the hairline, among others.


An experienced plastic surgeon will make a detailed analysis together with the patient and seek to make the most correct decision possible. Of course, it also depends on the experience of the committed professional.

It is crucial to consult directly with expert plastic surgeons in order to maintain control over the procedures, reduce the possibility of complications and strongly increase success rates and very satisfactory results. It should not be forgotten that we are working with highly visible areas of the face, and the sequelae or adverse results can be difficult to improve.


Schedule your brow lift appointment in the cities of Manizales and Medellín, it will be a pleasure to serve you and help you!

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