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Breast Implant Replacement
Dr Mauricio pineda


Breast implant replacement is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of existing breast implants and the placement of new ones. It can be performed to change the size, type, or shape of implants or to replace damaged or old implants for new ones.

How to know if my implants are damaged?

Breast implants typically last from 10 to 15 years, but it’s important to have regular checkups to catch problems before they develop completely. If you suspect that your implants are damaged, you should see your plastic surgeon for an examination. If the implants are deteriorated, they should be replaced. Signs that your implants are damaged include persistent pain, changes in breast shape, infection, excessive sensitivity, abnormal scarring, rashes, and tenderness.

Medical tests to check breast implants include a physical examination and a breast ultrasound. During the physical examination, the doctor will check the condition of the breasts, the presence of scars, and their texture. Breast ultrasound uses sound waves to create images of the breasts to detect any changes in the implants, the doctor may also perform an MRI or mammogram to obtain detailed images of the breasts. These tests help doctors to detect any problems with the implants.

In Colombia, the change of breast implants is carried out in certified clinics and hospitals. The procedure is available in many cities and can be performed under general anesthesia, rarely under sedation. Patients should speak with their plastic surgeon to learn more about the procedure and associated costs. The cost of the procedure varies depending on the type of implants and the medical professional.

More serious complication as infection, extrusion or embolism, are rarely seen. Although these or other delicate complications are not frequently observed, procedures must be carried out with experienced professionals and in authorized facilities.

Breast implant replacement surgery is a relatively simple surgical procedure. The plastic surgeon will make an incision to access the implants and remove them. Then the new implants will be placed. The surgeon will make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the implants are correctly positioned. The procedure takes between one and two hours, depending on the type of surgery being performed. After the procedure it is necessary to rest and follow your surgeon’s instructions for recovery.

Recovery after breast implant replacement surgery depends on the health and age of the patient, as well as the type of procedure that was performed. The patient can have a faster recovery if the prescribed medications are taken, and if they rest adequately and follow a healthy diet. The patient may experience pain, swelling, bruising, and tenderness in the area of the implants for several weeks after surgery, and may experience discomfort when raising their arms or touching their breasts for the first week after surgery.


The patient may need a period of sick leave to recover after breast implant replacement surgery. The length of the rest period will depend on the age and health of the patient, as well as the type of surgical procedure performed. In general, a rest period of at least one week is recommended. If the patient believes they need more time to recover, they should talk to their doctor to determine the appropriate amount of time.

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