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Children’s Plastic Surgery
Dr Mauricio pineda
pediatric plastic surgery

Pediatric plastic surgery is a subspecialty of plastic surgery that treats aesthetic or reconstructive surgical pathologies in children.

Listed below are some pathologies that can be treated by the surgeon:

  • Cleft lip.

  • Cleft nose and congenital nasal anomalies.

  • cleft palate

    • Craniofacial anomalies.

    • Ear malformations.

    • Neck malformations.

    • Genital malformations.

    • Deformities of hands and limbs.

    • Pediatric tumors.

    • Trauma.

    • intersex conditions.


Reconstructive plastic surgery has a special chapter about pediatric reconstructive surgery. Thus, a good number of certified plastic surgeon colleagues dedicate their time to perform this type of surgeries, which in most cases have an important congenital component.

Those dedicated to this area take into account the special conditions of child patients, including different levels of empathy, patience, and the need for a greater dose of support for both the patient and their family. In addition, the very different characteristics of every treatment of these childhood pathologies.

A significant number of these procedures are performed by groups or foundations created for this purpose, such as “operación sonrisa”. This institution and others provide their services in many countries around the world. It is very important that their treatments are integrated into the national health system.


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