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Dr Mauricio pineda
TORSOPLASTy or body lift

It is common that after a massive weight loss, flaccid skin and fatty deposits form in the trunk area, forming deep folds in which moisture and waste accumulate. This causes problems such as discomfort, difficulty when grooming, irritation, and even bacterial and fungal infections.

Unlike conventional abdominoplasty, this surgery leaves scars around like a belt, and even if they are large, they are generally of very good quality and easily concealed with clothing. It is important not to forget that aftercare of scars such as the use of sunscreen, daily massages and the use of silicone are tremendously important to obtain the best possible scars.

The belt torsoplasty or abdominoplasty seeks to remove these large excesses of skin and fat that sometimes even look like “aprons”. This procedure, although extensive, manages in most cases to improve the skin, fat and even muscle tone, eliminating many of the problems that had been created not only in the front part of the abdomen, but also in the flanks and back.

In these surgeries, the abdomen, waist and back are being worked on, becoming more extensive procedures. For this reason it is almost always done alone, without liposculpture or other types of procedures. In the event that patients require correction surgeries in other areas of the body such as breasts, thighs, and others, efforts should be made to carry them out in separate procedures.

On the other hand, depending on the size of the surgery, in some cases transfusions are required, two or three days of hospitalization and a series of special care that seeks to reduce the chance of complications. It is also important to follow some post-surgical recommendations such as permanent but careful mobilization, use of anti-embolic stockings, application of prophylactic anticoagulants, use of a belt and massages.

It is important to note that due to its extent and the patient’s previous condition of obesity, complications are more frequent, such as infections, wound problems, bruising, accumulations and very infrequently thrombosis of the lower limbs or embolisms.

All Weightloss Colombia and CONEXIONMED patients are operated under medical insurance coverage for surgical complications specifically from the procedure performed.


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