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Primary Rhinoplasty
Dr Mauricio pineda
primary rhinoplasty

Primary rhinoplasty refers to a person who has never had surgery on his or her nose, i.e., has not had any procedures to modify it. Unlike secondary rhinoplasty, which implies that the person has already had surgeries on his nose. We could say that this is the ideal situation because we have the intact anatomy of both bone and cartilage structures, ligaments and other components. It also means that there is no scarring or “fibrosis” as a result of previous procedures.

the above implies

We can do a better planning, we are going to find soft tissues, easy to manipulate and in which the different structures can be clearly seen. As a consequence we can theoretically have better and more predictable results.

I tell my patients that the best opportunity to have the best possible results is the first surgery, that subsequent surgeries always involve greater challenges and difficulties.

In summary, a primary rhinoplasty means less difficulty and a greater predictability of the surgery.


We must always remember that a rhinoplasty or nose job is a very delicate procedure, because it is not only performed in a central place of our face that determines our anatomy, but it is also a fundamental organ when we talk about its functional part. It should only be performed by a professional in the area, in this case a plastic surgeon with their respective studies and specialty.  Although the above must guarantee the best results, we must also take into account that there are risks associated with surgical procedures, although to a low degree.

Each country or region has reliable associations that verify medical credentials, in the case of Colombia there is, among others, the COLOMBIAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC SURGERY, to consult certified surgeons for this type of procedures.


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