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Back Rolls
Dr Mauricio pineda

MANAGEMENT OF back rolls

In severely obese people who lose weight significantly, hanging “rolls” of skin and fat can appear almost anywhere on the body. These excess tissues are truly annoying for patients, since they have aesthetic implications when being in swimwear, for example; and functional implications such as difficulty when dressing, moving, personal care, and even infections.

These rolls can appear on the neck, back, lateral chest, lateral thigh, knees, etc.


In these cases, surgeries can be performed to remove the excess tissue, but it can obviously leave visible scars. The plastic surgeon, however, will ensure a very good planning of the incisions, a very delicate handling of the tissues and some care of the scars, in order to obtain the least visible marks possible. In many cases, these scars can even become imperceptible to the eyes of others.


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