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Face Lift
Dr Mauricio pineda
ritidoplasty or face lift 

If you have fallen tissues of the face that make you look older than what you actually are, this is the perfect procedure to be performed. A great variety of people, from housewives to celebrity showbiz, see in this surgical procedure the possibility to recover their fresher and youthful appearance by repositioning the tissues.  This is a very common and safety procedure.

It consists of the elimination of the wrinkles of the face, including the forehead, the periocular region, cheeks, and the mandibular region. This procedure is commonly performed along with Cervicoplasty (neck wrinkles correction) to obtain better outcomes. The ritidoplasty has to do not only with the skin excesses component, but also with the deepest muscular part and the fat compartments that are fallen due the normal aging process.  By doing so, the expected outcomes are much better along the time, providing long-lasting results. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia with the constant presence of highly qualified and certified anesthetists.

The ritidoplasty can be performed in patients at different ages.  Ideally, it is to be carried out in healthy patients.  Smoking makes the procedure more difficult, although it is not an impediment.  In this case, it should be performed with a high level of attention or changing the surgical techniques in order to assure the adequate irrigation over the skin. Patients must quit smoking at least 15 days before the surgery. Patients must not take aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications that affect the coagulation process.

To improve the results, a previous preparation with exfoliants and moisturizings can be done, as well as some helpful therapies such as PHOTOREJUVENATION laser after the surgery.


The most significant risks, although not so very frequent, are blood collections that need a sooner evacuation, losses for a bad irrigation of skin segments and scarring process alterations.  It is important to highlight that they are not really frequent nowadays.

Dealing with the scars, they are almost non-visible, generally with excellent results.

This procedure causes minimum discomforts; therefore the patients need to have some rest in the first days with constant medical or nursery supervision. It can be also suggested to have some post-op cosmetic and physical therapies to speed up the recovery and the scarring processes.

It can be combined with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or other facial surgeries.  Therapies as “resurfacing” with laser or chemical peelings must not be done simultaneously. It is advisable to postpone them . Some therapies can be done in a simultaneous way like Botox or facial fillings with hyaluronic acid.


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