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Eyelid Surgery
Dr Mauricio pineda
blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery 

The face is called the mirror of the soul and the eyes are the center of attraction. The self-esteem of people can be affected by the changes occurred in the contours of the eyes, especially the eyelids, along the years.  People (men and women) who have had an older aspect and a “tired look” due to these alterations are the best candidates to undergo an eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty.

This procedure consists of removing the excess of skin and the bulgy fat bags in both, upper and lower eyelids, in order to achieve a fresher and rejuvenated appearance in the eyes that may have a tired look along of years. According to the specific problems to be corrected, this procedure is performed in the upper, lower eyelids, or in both. Sometimes, it is necessary to change “the shape of the eyes” to create a more youthful and esthetic look.

The procedure is undergone under local anesthesia, generally with sedation. Besides it is frequently combined with other facial procedures such as ritidoplasty, resurfacing or eyebrows lifting or browpexy. The scars of this procedure are almost invisible for the great majority of the people, fact that shows its the great quality.


Blepharoplasty is performed in people of multiple ages with an appropriate health condition. An important fact to be considered is the abstinence of taking aspirins or other medications that may affect the coagulation process.  Another significant aspect to have in mind is to quit smoking at least three weeks before the procedure is undergone to avoid possible complications, in case the patient does smoke.

A previous evaluation and some laboratory examinations are required by the specialist to assess the patients’ health condition. These requisites are quite common in most of plastic surgery procedures.

Blepharoplasty, in general, is a procedure that does not involve major risks for patients, although it is necessary to have all the pertinent precautions to avoid possible complications like loss of blood irrigation in segments of the skin and scarring process alterations. These complications are becoming less frequent day by day, that’s the reason why the final scarring process is almost invisible in most of cases.  Complications such as lower eyelid hanging can be reduced by using a very careful and precise surgical technique, as well as accomplishing all the postsurgical cares recommended by the medical staff.

Despite the presence of swelling areas and hematomas after the surgery, this procedure can cause a little discomfort. It is advisable take a pair of sick leave days to have a suitable recovery.  Some recommendations are as follows:  apply ice on the affected area intermittently, avoid exertion of physical activities and avoid reading and watching television. The post-operative therapies help to accelerate the scarring processes and recovery. It is also rather important to take medications as they were prescribed by the doctor.

It can be combined with other surgeries such as ritidoplasty, resurfacing or brow lift or brow pexy. Therapies as “resurfacing” with laser or chemical peelings must not be done simultaneously. It is advisable to postpone them . Some therapies can be done in a simultaneous way like Botox or facial fillings with hyaluronic acid.


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