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Dr Mauricio pineda

This is another procedure typically performed in patients who have been obese and have had massive weight loss, that is, patients who have had a body mass index above 35 and lost a large amount of weight due to some medical method or bariatric surgery.


The reason there is hanging skin after weight loss is that as fat accumulates, the skin must stretch to make room for it, similar to what happens in pregnancy. Once this skin has been stretched, there is a rupture of the collagen and elastin fibers, even presenting stretch marks. This damage is irreversible, therefore, when the obese loses weight, the skin no longer has the ability to contract. In the end, the consequence of excessive weight loss is the formation of more or less severe folds, which hang down to cover the genital area and even the thighs.

In these cases, the surgery that must be carried out is not a tummy tuck but a panniculectomy, in which we seek to remove only the excess and close it, slightly lifting the abdomen upwards and without joining the muscles. This is in order to reduce the presence of complications.

In these cases, it is necessary to leave drains for longer times, and to have, as in a torsoplasty, certain special care to reduce the probability of complications. It is also important to follow some post-surgical recommendations such as permanent but careful mobilization, use of a girdle, anti-embolic stockings, etc.

The scar left by this procedure is somewhat similar to that of a tummy tuck, and aftercare must be taken into account, such as the use of sunscreen, silicone sheet and scar massage to obtain the best results possible.


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