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Dr Mauricio pineda

Cervicoplasty is a surgery that recovers the youth of the neck. Wrinkles or fat buildup on the neck give an aged appearance. Many people try to hide these anomalies by using, for example, high necks, but once they undergo cervicoplasty, they recover the aesthetics of their neck.

It consists of “stretching” the neck wrinkles, pulling and removing flaccid skin from the area, and repositioning the superficial neck muscles. It can be accompanied by double chin liposuction in cases in which there is abundant accumulated fat (double chin). Cervicoplasty is a procedure that usually accompanies rhytidoplasty or facial wrinkle surgery. It leaves very little noticeable scars. In short, with this procedure, both the skin and excessive fat and muscle sagging are treated.

Like with rhytidoplasty, previous and subsequent cosmetic therapies can be performed to optimize results. Surgeries restore structures such as muscles, fat and skin, but cosmetic therapies improve the superficial part. Smoking should be avoided as it adversely affects the chances of surgery and its results.

They are not very frequent, such as blood accumulation, loss of skin segments or necrosis, and healing disorders. They are especially related to smoking or the existence of previous diseases that are not very well controlled, such as hypertension.

There aren’t many recommendations. It is mainly important to use soft pressure garments during the first days, moderate rest and attendance to medical check-ups. It is a slightly annoying procedure and generally allows a prompt return to normal activities. Following the post-surgical instructions and being vigilant of the warning signs is crucial for an optimal evolution of the surgery.


In general, it is carried out together with facial wrinkle surgery, like that, the entire face and neck unit are addressed. Also, it can be done together with eyelid surgery, nose jobs or other surgeries. Cosmetic procedures such as Botox, facial fillers, and others can be performed simultaneously without increasing risks.

Always inform the existence of previous illnesses, the consumption of medicines or cigarettes. These conditions affect the surgery and its results. Follow the medical recommendations and health personnel in charge. Seek for qualified personnel only, such as plastic surgeons from the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, and make sure that the procedure is carried out in accredited clinics and with qualified professionals.


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