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Why Colombia As Medical Destination
Dr Mauricio pineda

Why choose Colombia as an international medical destination 

Colombia has been becoming a world-class player in medical tourism or international medicine. There are reports that reveal that the number of patients arriving in the country to receive different types of medical, dental, and other health care treatments is growing. Obviously the pandemic affected the growth dynamics that were developing, but these levels are already being recovered.

Not only has the number of patients grown, but inversion in health has also been increasing. This can be evidenced in the latest statistical report from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which places Colombia in the Top 10 countries with the highest number of aesthetic plastic surgeries. These figures really show the strength of the country in this sector.

The areas where travel activity for medical procedures to the country is most noticeable are: aesthetic plastic surgery treatments, cardiovascular and orthopedic treatments, among others.

beyond the quality of doctors and medicine

Our country, due to its privileged geographical location, offers easy accessibility both from North America, Central America and from European countries. This greatly speeds up the movement of people and their rapid adaptation, which influences a significantly lower rate of complications. The rate of infrastructure development and growth has been remarkable in recent years.

On the other hand, the level of empathy, warmth and closeness of our people is recognized by many travelers around the world. In fact, some happiness indices frequently place our population in privileged positions within the global context.

Apart from all of the above, the quality of medicine, of hospitals and clinics, and of doctors and health personnel is excellent. Our doctors and specialists are located in the superior level of knowledge and practices, being at the level and why not say it, in some areas even above industrialized countries.

Rising global recognition

For example, recent reports place two institutions in the country in the top 100. According to analysis carried out by the media and expert committees, the Valle del Lili Clinic and the Santa Fe de Bogota Foundation Hospital have this enormous satisfaction. Likewise, other studies show that 5 of our institutions are among the best 10 in Latin America.

Finally, despite the fact that the medical quality is high, that the effectiveness and efficacy rates are very good and that the standards of patient satisfaction are superior, the costs of these treatments continue to be relatively low. Although establishing comparisons is not easy due to the diversity of clinics, doctors and treatments, the value of aesthetic plastic surgery in Colombia is approximately 20 to 30% of those in Nordic countries. Even with travel costs and necessary add-ons, our costs are still much lower.

A set of outstanding elements

In summary, the conditions that make our country an attractive place for international medical trips are:

  • Privileged geographical location

  • easy mobility

  • Warmth and empathy from our people and professionals

  • High quality of institutions and specialists

  • Low costs



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