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Breast Reconstruction
Dr Mauricio pineda

When breast cancer is detected, apart from the fear of being invaded and dying, the emotional trauma of losing one or both breasts appears. Even today, the treatment of mammary tumors includes breast removal, a surgery also called a mastectomy. This procedure, although in modern times is done in a less aggressive way, preserving certain parts of the anatomy and mammary skin, leaves important sequelae and marks on the women’s bodies.

Mastectomies cause notorious emotional effects in almost all women and for this reason, breast reconstruction techniques are increasingly important in the treatment of breast cancer. Breast reconstruction is a whole field of plastic surgery that has advanced significantly in recent years.

For the reconstruction of one or both breasts, after having performed a mastectomy, the patient’s own tissue (flap) or prosthesis is used to achieve a natural appearance. Breast reconstruction provides a better appearance and a significant change in self-esteem for most patients. The option to rebuild is just as valid as not to.


Flap breast reconstruction is the most complex breast reconstruction option, transferring a section of skin, muscle, fat and blood vessels from one part of the body to the chest to give shape; tissues from various parts of the body are used, such as the belly, back, thighs or glutes.

In most cases a very natural look is achieved and they behave more like breast tissue compared to implants. Although the use of an implant is also an option to rebuild it. This type of reconstruction can be done at the same time as mastectomy, although 2 or more surgeries are usually needed for the best results.

You should always seek expert doctors for advice to analyze your case. At Dr. Mauricio Pineda’s SPECIALIZED CENTER IN PLASTIC SURGERY, we are committed to finding your best option.


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