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Conditions for Surgery in Colombia
Dr Mauricio pineda
Conditions necessary to come to colombia for surgery

Recognizing Colombia as an international medical destination makes it important to emphasize that our authorities, institutions, and health professionals show a permanent interest in quality and safety. Mostly because we want to maintain and improve the reputation that has been growing as of lately.

That is why we can assure our potential patients around the world that we maintain and strengthen high safety standards. This means that around all the procedures there are a series of rules, habits, routines, etc, which seek to keep the risks and complications at the lowest possible level.

For this reason, it is essential to follow a series of steps in order to achieve surgeries and procedures with high levels of safety, very low complication rates, and very high rates of outstanding and satisfactory results.



Our patients must follow a safe route for their surgeries, which includes the following elements:

  • Have precise and clear evaluations with doctors and specialists prior to travel. Teleconsultation is a very valid tool.

  • Make sure to choose suitable and reliable professionals and equally suitable institutions.

  • Carry out the necessary laboratory and complementary tests to verify the health condition prior to any procedure.

  • Have international health policies that can cover unforeseen costs if necessary

  • Count with necessary time for recovery, depending on the procedures performed.

  • Follow the recommendations given by health personnel and support teams.



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