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Arm Lift
Dr Mauricio pineda
or arm lift.


The arms of obese patients are often victims of significant weight loss. Men and women express their dissatisfaction with the hanging tissue usually present between the shoulder and elbow.

These people seek help in plastic surgery trying to correct these deformities.


It is important to define the different classifications of that excess hanging tissue in the arms, whether it is made up of skin, fat or muscle and its degree of excess, surgical procedures are different. In some people a liposuction or extraction of fat with minimal incisions is required, but in most people, the redundant skin is excessive and with irreversible damage, which makes it necessary to remove said skin. And in some patients, even the musculature is hanging and this problem must also be corrected. Ultimately, whenever skin is required to be removed, scars will remain on the inside of the arm, which is important to notice, they will be more visible and difficult to hide.


In any case, many people will find it preferable to have scars on their arms than “dangling” folds and depending on the quality of healing and the prolonged use of sunscreen and other care, the marks left will be of better quality.


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