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OTOPLASTY OR ear surgery

Otoplasty is a procedure to correct multiple auricular deformities, but it is mainly aimed at people who have prominent or protruding ears., That is, when the ears appear to be set far away from the face. It is usually practiced after the age of 7, since at this age it is considered that the ears have already reached a high level of development, with little subsequent change.

This procedure can be performed from the age of five or six, since at this age the cartilage of the ears has reached a better development, with a greater maturity of the tissues and also, probably greater collaboration of the patient, which tends to to produce better results, and with little probability of changes in the future. Obviously, it can also be performed in adults and older patients without additional associated risks. In these cases, in fact, they are done under local anesthesia. With otoplasty, the cartilage is shaped, achieving good symmetry in the ears, in relation to the patient’s face. In this way, patients who undergo this procedure improve their image and therefore their self-confidence. To perform ear surgery, it is necessary to have a physical assessment with your plastic surgeon, who will examine the structure of your ears, assess the need for surgery, answer your questions, discuss the advantages and possible complications of the surgery, the costs and will recommend some laboratory tests that allow you to assess if you have a suitable state of health for this surgery.


The procedure can be performed at any age after the age of 7 when the cartilage has fully developed. It is advisable to do it at an early age since the results are usually better because once the cartilage ends its growth it is easy to manipulate and shape. In addition, in this way, a large part of the negative impact generated by frequent teasing towards these children, generally at school, is avoided. This intervention is carried out under local anesthesia and in some cases mild sedation is required. Some previous blood tests must be carried out to verify the adequate health conditions to undergo the procedure and thus avoid possible complications.

Otoplasty is a procedure that represents a low risk to the health of a patient if it is performed under the necessary healthy conditions and with certified specialist surgeons. Complications in this kind of procedure are very rare but can occur in a low percentage such as infections, bruises or healing problems that require revisions.

It is an outpatient procedure that requires a couple of days of rest at home, during which no physical efforts should be made. The patient leaves the surgery with elastic bandages that must remain for 3 to 4 days. Subsequently, the surgeon will recommend the day and night use of protective balacs for 20 to 30 days. It is important to avoid excessive pressure on the ears in the first few weeks. This procedure leaves a very fine scar, in the back crease of the ear, a place where it is very difficult for anyone to see it. It is not necessary to avoid daily physical activities. However, it is recommended to protect the ears by avoiding contact sports for a month.


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