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Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty
Dr Mauricio pineda
ultrasonic rhinoplasty

nose surgery

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is one of the 3 most performed procedures in plastic surgery in Colombia and in our practice. It is considered a difficult and challenging surgery for several reasons. First of all, the anatomy of the different areas of the nose is complex, both in its bony, cartilaginous and soft tissue parts. On the other hand, there is a great variability in their shapes and size, to the point that there is no nose the same as another, so it requires individualized planning. Finally, the location in the central area of the face makes it highly visible, so any alteration or asymmetry is clearly noticeable to people.

piezoelectric or ultrasonic technology

To perform nose surgeries, you must have extensive knowledge of its anatomy and physiology, you must have great experience and especially a strong passion for it. Many plastic surgeons and other specialties prefer not to undertake this type of procedure due to its great difficulties.

To carry out this type of intervention, the main tools are knowledge, experience and passion. However, we can also make use of technologies such as ultrasound, or piezoelectric technology. This ultrasound technology offers us other possibilities to achieve changes, especially in the bony part of the nose. With it we can make bone cuts or file with greater precision. Obviously, the surgeon must know how to use it.

Piezoelectric or ultrasonic technology reinforces our toolbox, that can be used when performing interventions in the anatomy of the nose. But it has to be seen and understood like a tool, not like a totally different way of doing the surgery and it is not that it can by itself offer superior results.


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