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Dr Mauricio pineda
nose surgery or rhinoplasty

Do not let the shape of your nose disturbs you. Nowadays, changing the shape of your nose is available when attending the plastic surgeon.  If you consider that your nose has a deformity or its shape is not appealing to you, this is the perfect procedure to be done. Trust your face, especially your nose, to high-qualified expert plastic surgeons.  Make sure that your surgeon belongs to the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.  You could have outstanding changes in your face with minimum discomforts and an easily recovery time.

The rhinoplasty is perhaps one of the most demanding surgeries in the field of esthetic plastic surgery because of its location (in the central area of the face), its visibility, its exquisite architecture in skin, cartilages, bones,  ligaments,  and its great variability in the inflammation and scarring processes among people and different ethnical groups. It is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that aims at correcting defeats or deformities of the nose in all its areas (dorsum, tip, alae, etc) or at improving certain undesired features to the patient. It is considered to produce huge changes in the facial appearance. It is generally required a suitable and adequate septum and turbinates surgery, with the purpose of correcting existent respiratory alterations or their posterior appearance after the surgery.

There are actually a few pre-op preparation matters from the patients’ point of view.  They must not take aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications the previous days of the surgery.  It is suggested to have a constant nasal cleansing.  However, it is rather important to get some photographs taken in advance to have a careful planning that should be discussed between the surgeon and patient.

This procedure, as well as most of plastic surgery procedures, has low-level risks within the surgery. Post-op risks, although not so very frequent, are hemorrhage and infection. One of the most significant issues in rhinoplasty is the fact that around 10% of the patients are required to have additional minor surgeries. The more difficult the surgery is, the more additional minor surgeries to be done.

To diminish the inflammation and the ecchymosis (skin bruises), it is rather important to apply ice on the affected area as well as taking rest in the two or three days after the surgery. Nasal irrigation with saline solution through the nostrils should be done to clean out the nasal passages, the nasal blockage and to accelerate the nasal internal scarring process. The cast placed on the nose should not be removed. Only the surgeon can do that. It is imperative to take all the medication prescribed and avoid getting hit.

When I perform rhinoplasty, I usually combine it with septoplasty; that is to say, I manage the functional part of the nose interiorly in order to diminish the possibility of nasal blockage and secondary deformities as crooked or deviated septum.  It can be also undergone with other facial and body surgeries.  By performing facial surgeries, the inflammation and discomforts would possibly increase, without elevating the risks.

This is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia.  It is necessary the use of soft nasal packs which can be removed within one or two days after the procedure.  It is practically considered a painless procedure, although it is accompanied by variable degrees of inflammation and periocular ecchymosis (bruises). When correcting bone deformities such as humps or deviations, a cast must be placed on the area to immobilize it.  Posteriorly, it is removed in about five to seven days.  Tapes must be placed for some weeks.


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