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Secondary Rhinoplasty
Dr Mauricio pineda
Secondary rhinoplasty

When a person has already had one or more nose surgeries, we speak of secondary rhinoplasty. In these cases the nasal anatomy has already undergone changes and alterations, which we do not know, and which are often impossible to predict. In other words, we do not know the state and integrity of the different areas of the nose such as bones, cartilage, ligaments, skin, etc.



In addition to the alterations and often true anatomical mutilations, fibrosis and scarring are found to varying degrees. This implies that the tissues are harder, more difficult to separate and finally more complex to identify the different structures.


Overall, this has the consequence that secondary rhinoplasties are more difficult, more challenging and have less predictability of results. It also implies a lower probability of obtaining satisfactory and optimal results. However, a surgeon with experience and dedication can also achieve remarkable results in this type of surgery.

Be sure – Investigate

In case of nose surgery with sequelae of previous interventions, the specialist must have a deep knowledge and extensive experience, ideally surgeons from recognized societies such as the Colombian society of plastic surgery, the FILACP, the ISAPS, among others.


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