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Dr Mauricio pineda

One of the most striking parts of the human body is the gluteal region, which is why the lack of projection in this region is a situation that often makes people feel bad, especially women.

In these cases, a very good alternative is an enhancement or volume increase in this area, which provides shape and projection according to the patient’s body.



Currently, buttock augmentation can only be performed through two accepted procedures, which are: the application of one’s own fat or the placement of gluteal implants. The choice of the type of buttock augmentation depends on each particular case, according to the needs of the patient, procedures that performed properly will surely obtain excellent results and will make them feel better.

Gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation is a procedure that aims at increasing and improving the buttocks appearance by placing implants or fat injections that has been extracted through liposuction from other parts of the body.

Placing the gluteal implants can be undergone by a 5 cm incision approximately on the inside folds of the buttocks.  This incision leaves a non visible, concealed scar. The implants in this procedure, like in mammoplasty, are filled with silicone gel. They have a great variety of sizes according to the increase the patient desires.

The gluteal lipoinjection or fat injection is done by a liposuction practiced in other parts of body in which fat is accumulated. These regions are commonly the abdomen, back, hips, thighs, etc. By doing this procedure, the fat will be placed in the gluteal zone to increase the size.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, whether with implants or fat injections.  It is important to have a plastic surgery assessment to determine which option suits better the patient.  Based on that assessment, the most adequate decision will be made depending on the availability of fat deposits found in other body parts, the degree of gluteal flattening and other conditions. Patients must have different laboratory examinations and follow some recommendations dealing with cleanliness before the surgery.

It is advisable to avoid the excessive pressure during the first post-operative days in the augmentation gluteoplasty with prostheses. To do so, we recommend that patients lie face down and have constant walks in the first two or three days.   Posteriorly, pressure will be applied in a gradual way. Some drains are always placed to avoid blood accumulations.  These drains are usually left for about three to five days before being removed. The strict cleanliness of the perineal area is very important to diminish complications like infections.  Patients usually can return to their normal activities within one or two weeks.

Gluteoplasty is considered as a low-risk procedure for patients as long as it is performed under all preventive measures and a good health condition of the patient. The most common complications are hematomas, blood accumulations and infections. Although they are less frequent, their presence obliges to perform extra procedures.  Complications such as asymmetries or prostheses hardenings are much less common. The surgeon must explain what other types of risks exist and their implications.

It should be avoided the excessive pressure after the surgery and follow all the recommendations done by the doctor and the medical staff in either augmentation gluteoplasty with prostheses or with fat injections procedures.  Do not forget to go directly to an expert medical staff as well as recognized plastic surgeons from the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.  The surgery must be done in adequate certified clinics. All our patients get a medical insurance in case of having postoperative complications.


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