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Nasal Alterations
Dr Mauricio pineda
nasal alterations

Each person who comes to the consultation for nasal plastic surgery has a specific anatomy. That is to say, it can be evidenced that the shapes, distances, proportions, etc., are different. Thus, we have to make a complete analysis in each patient to reach an accurate diagnosis, and even more important to develop an optimal medical and surgical treatment plan.

Types of noses…

On the one hand, we must try to classify the types of noses in ethnic terms such as Caucasian, Oriental, mestizo, Negroid, or others. This is because each of them generates different possibilities and difficulties. That is to say, it forces to establish different treatment plans.

On the other hand, it should be recognized if it is a primary nose, that is to say, that has never been operated, or secondary, that has had previous surgeries. It must be established whether or not it has associated functional alterations, etc

in other words

We should look at issues such as:

  • Nose type: Caucasian, Oriental, mixed race, Negroid.
  • Primary nose surgery (not operated before) or secondary nose surgery (already operated).
  • Presence or not of associated functional alterations
    Straight nose or deviated nose (in its different varieties).
  • Large, medium, small nose
    Male or female nose
    Thick, moderate or thin skin.

The above and many other variations of nasal anatomy.

On the other hand, it is necessary to understand if it is an aesthetic situation or, on the contrary, an eminently reconstructive surgery. The latter are those more related to severe alterations caused by trauma, tumors, congenital anomalies, previous failed surgeries.

Reconstructive surgeries generally involve greater challenges.


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