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Breast Reduction
Dr Mauricio pineda

If you have large or fallen breasts and if they were altered by the pregnancy condition, this is the perfect procedure to be done. Why not to fix those damages and alterations with a commonly used surgery to achieve a better breast shape with a more youthful position. In some occasions it is only necessary to lift them, in others to remove volume. Even if you are planning to have sons, you can breastfeed them.  This procedure has minimum risks and an easy recovery.

When the main issue is large or fallen breasts this is the best procedure. It aims at removing skin and tissue when needed and rebuild the rest of the breast in a higher position with a more youthful look. It also aims at improving the tone.  Nipples should be placed on the best position with minimum sensitiveness alterations. Breastfeeding can be done after the procedure.  It is done under general anesthesia with a well-elaborated plan of scarring process.  These scars are usually unnoticeable in the long term. The forms of scars are different depending on the breast initial size and shape. Some can be short around the areolas or vertical and others inverted T.

If patients are older than 40, they should have a mammography test.  Besides, it is important to know the medical record in reference to breast cancer not only the patient’s, but also the family’s. It does not need major pre-op preparations, but avoiding taking aspirins. Posteriorly to pregnancy and deliveries, it must wait for a prudential time so that milk production ceases.  It is very important to have an adequate physical examination done.  To do so, it is needed to plan in advance by taking photographs with rigorous analysis for each case.

A post surgical bra must be worn to provide more comfort and help the inflammation to diminish.  All prescribed medications must be taken and patients must attend the programmed controls. Posteriorly, scars must be taken care by using sunblock and silicone gel sheets.  More unnoticeable scars depend on an adequate care of them. However, when needed, scars can be improved.

Although the risks are considered to be low, patients could occasionally suffer from hematomas, infections or openings in the wound.  However, they are not very frequent and are relatively easy to be managed by a plastic surgeon.  This procedure neither impedes the posterior medical assessments nor the early cancer detection. Besides, it does not increase the risks to breast diseases.

Lifting and reduction mammoplasty are commonly undergone procedures along with surgeries as abdominoplasty and liposuction. The main objective is to improve the body silhouette integrally. Some other facial surgeries can be done simultaneously such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty or otoplasty.

It is extremely important to seek certified medical facilities and plastic surgeons who belong to the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery not to run unnecessary risks. Patients must communicate the doctors the existence of diseases or previous procedures. Follow the medical staff’s recommendations and get some early breast cancer test done in the future.


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