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Technologies in Liposuction
Dr Mauricio pineda

WHAT IS  liposculpture?

Liposuction or liposculpture is a procedure that is always leading the list of the most frequent procedures in Colombia and in the world. The truth is an alternative that is very frequently sought by both men and women. However, it is a procedure, around which many beliefs and myths have been woven, which is well worth analyzing.

In this surgery, it is always a matter of removing fat deposits from different areas of the body, and for this it is always required to enter with special medical instruments such as cannulas. That is, an invasion using very small incisions is always required. In addition, it is almost always convenient to do it under general anesthesia.

Is there liposculpture without surgery?

On the other hand, it is very important to say that it is not true that there are non-surgical alternatives that can achieve the same thing. This means that there is no technology, such as a laser, radiofrequency, special light, or magical medicine, which applied externally, without entering the body, can make fat deposits disappear.

Starting from the above, once we recognize that in reality, if it is required to enter the body, it can be said that the technologies can be adjuvants to facilitate or accompany the extraction of fatty deposits.

Technologies that help in liposculpture

Technologies such as Radiofrequency liposuction or Retraction are beginning to play an important role in this field. Likewise, progress is being made in terms of the use of Plasma, and other technologies.

Radiofrequency Retraction and plasma such as J-plasma seek not only to facilitate the removal of subcutaneous body fat itself, but also produce generally controlled heating of the dermis and tissues under the skin, which are intended to trigger retraction of these tissues. In theory, this process, which generates retraction of tissues such as the dermis and under the skin, improves the results, since it generates better skin adherence to deep tissues.

  • Technologies in liposculpture
  • Facilitate the extraction of fat
  • They help in liposuctions in tissues with fibrosis and irregularities
  • They promote adherence of the skin to deep planes.

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