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Lipoinjection of the buttocks
Dr Mauricio pineda


Lipoinjection of the buttocks is performed to improve the shape of the gluteus, increasing their size and volume. This technique consists of injecting the patient’s autologous fat, obtained through liposuction, into the buttocks to give them volume and shape. This technique is an alternative to augmentation surgery with implants, since it offers natural results with less risks and difficulties.

Liposuction is performed first, to remove fat from the desired part of the body, usually the abdomen, back, or legs. Subsequently, the fat is carefully processed and injected into the buttocks, using a special cannula to deposit it in thin layers. This procedure has evolved in the years, making it safer. For a safe lipotransfer operation, this should be done by experienced plastic surgeons, following the last technical recomendations and in optimal enviroments

This allows plastic surgeons to shape the gluteus and achieve a more attractive appearance and easy integration. As the fat adapts to its new location, the results become increasingly visible and are generally long-lasting, it may vary from person to person as some patients present more reabsorption levels than others.


Care after the gluteal lipoinjection procedure is very important. Intense exercise should be avoided for at least 4 weeks after surgery to avoid injuries, as well as strategies to reduce pressure in that region for the first few days, such as avoiding leaning on hard surfaces. Additionally, the use of a girdle is recommended for 2-3 weeks after surgery to reduce swelling and improve results.

The patient may need a period of sick leave depending on the amount of fat injected, as well as the general health of the patient and the speed which they recover. In general, it varies between 2 and 3 weeks. The plastic surgeon can offer the patient a more precise recommendation.


In Colombia, there are many plastic surgeons with experience in gluteal lipoinjection. Patients should look for plastic surgeons certified by the Colombian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery to ensure they receive the best treatments, with the safest and longest lasting results.

The results of gluteal lipoinjection are generally long-lasting, but may vary from person to person. The fat injected into the buttocks adapts to the body gradually, this means that the results can only be fully seen after several weeks. The fat that is integrated and not absorbed remains for many years, and for this reason, the results tend to last for a long time. In other words, fat transfer can give very natural and lasting results to patients, if it is carried out correctly and under safety conditions.


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